Sage software for small businesses

For over 30 years we've been helping small businesses improve the way they work, not only with our award-winning software but with expertise and personalised advice. Our business software will help save you time so you can focus on the things that are really important in your business; your finances, your people and your customers.

  • Software and services designed for small businesses

    Over 800,000 businesses in the UK trust Sage to help run their business

    We've been helping small businesses like yours for over 30 years, so we know how important good, reliable software is for your business, and how much time you can save with the right software.

    Whether you're a sole trader or an established business, you can trust Sage to help run your business. We pride ourselves on easy-to-use software combined with our world-class support. And you can rely on Sage to be there as your business grows - we'll always be there to offer practical advice and support.

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  • Sage - Award-winning customer service
    World Class customer service

    Serving UK customers in UK call centres every day

    Sage - Legislatively compliant software

    Legislatively compliant software

    Our software is up to date with the latest legislation and technology

    Sage - HMRC recognised, accredited software

    HMRC recognised software

    Our software is recognised by HMRC and the Institute of Chartered Accountants

  • Sage - No-commitment money-back guarantee

    No commitment money-back guarantee

    30-day money-back guarantee, or free trials on all our software

    Sage - Easy to use and get started

    Easy to use and get started

    Get your new software up and running in just a few simple steps

    Sage - Software that grows with your business

    Software that grows with your business

    From sole traders to small-medium businesses, we're with you all the way

  • Bigger business with more complex needs?

    See Sage for bigger businesses