Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR activity makes us a better business. It encourages us to think hard about our people and their development, our customers, our suppliers, and the communities and environment around us.

  • At Sage we work hard to put CSR at the very heart of everything we do.

    It's evident in the way we deal with our people, our customers, our suppliers, our communities and the environment. It's all part of being a responsible business.

  • Our people

    A skilled, highly trained and fully engaged workforce is the foundation of any successful business and at Sage we really believe in looking after our people. That means supporting learning and development, providing a great range of benefits and managing work- life balance are all an integral part of working at Sage.

    Our customers

    As a responsible business, we pride ourselves on delivering an Extraordinary Customer Experience. We know our customers' needs are constantly changing and that's why we're always looking at ways to improve the products and services we offer.

  • Our suppliers

    Building long-term sustainable relationships with our suppliers is very important to us and we have a robust tendering process which is not only fair and transparent, it also helps us build a truly sustainable supply chain.

    Our communities

    We believe as a responsible business that it's important to support our local communities. That's why we work with a range of great local community and voluntary groups and social enterprises. We truly value the contribution they make and fully understand the value they bring - making our communities stronger and enriching the lives of the people they serve.

    Our environment

    Successful companies are the ones that really seize the opportunity to reduce their energy usage and waste. That's what we're aiming for at Sage – to embed a sustainability ethos right across our business.

  • quote Corporate Social Responsibility is at the very heart of everything we do at Sage. It is evident in the way we deal with our communities, our people, our customers, our suppliers and the environment. quote

    Brendan Flattery, CEO, UK and Ireland