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  • HR software for your key processes
  • People Management solution that integrates with SnowdropKCS payroll
  • Adapts and grows as HR requirements change

SnowdropKCS HR

Sage SnowdropKCS HR software

Find out how SnowdropKCS HR can help your business by:

  • Reducing time spent on administration
  • Helping to keep your employees engaged and motivated
  • Adapting as your business grows

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Make managing your employees easier

Reduce time spent on administrative tasks by using the powerful workflow tool to automate some of the repetitive processes, including sending regular reports to managers, emailing return to work forms, absence tracking and notification.

Manage employee information

Manage all of your employee information, including timesheets, shift patterns & flexible working, SAYE, share options & pensions and benefits. This data will help you make informed decisions around performance reviews, development plans, salaries and benefit packages.

Scale and grow

Designed for medium to enterprise businesses the HR module is scalable to grow and continue to meet your business needs.

Efficient, accessible and reliable information at your fingertips

Powerful reporting places key HR data at your fingertips for effective understanding and interpretation.

Integration with SnowdropKCS Payroll

Combine our Personnel and payroll modules to give you a more powerful and efficient solution that can bring enormous time savings to both departments.

Remain legislatively compliant

Legislative updates help maintain compliance while helping you fulfil your statutory obligations, such as equal opportunities, health and safety, working time and data protection.

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