Print Spooled Reports - adding/amending printers si_print_reports

This form allows you to:

To add and amend printers:

1 From the Queue Selection form, select F7-Printers.  
2 All the printers currently available are displayed, together with their device names, status and page setup details.  
3 You can now:

To add a new printer definition:

1 Select F2-Printer.  
2 Type in the name of the Printer that you want to create.  
3 Select CR-Accept.  

You can now type in the following details:

State. This shows the current state of the printer:

  • A if the printer is active and is being used.
  • S if the printer has been stopped.
  • C if the printer will be closed down at the end of the print job.

Device name. The device name to which the printer is attached.

Termdef file. The printer definition.

Form length. The length of sheets of paper, in lines per page, which the printer usually handles, e.g. 72.

Feed type. Type C if continuous sheets of paper are used or S if single sheets of paper are used.

Baud rate. The data transmission rate. You only need to specify it if you have a serial printer. If you leave this field blank, the default baud rate is 9600.


Tick the following checkboxes if required:

Form feed control characters to be used? if they are to be used on this printer.

Eject page? to eject a blank page at the end of each print. This is useful if the printer has continuous stationery.

Expand tabs? to expands tabs before the print is sent to the printer. If the printer does not recognise TAB characters, leave the checkbox blank.

6 Select CR-Accept.  

To amend a printer definition:

1 Highlight the printer that you want to amend.  
2 Select CR-Amend.  
3 In the field Printer, type in the name of the paper type that you want to amend.  
4 Select CR-Accept.  

You can amend any of the following details:

State. To stop a printer that is currently printing, change the State from A to S if you want to stop the printer immediately or C to stop the printer after the current print job has been completed. If the printer is not currently printing, change its State to S. To restart the printer, change the State to A.

Device name
Termdef file
Form length
Feed type
Form feedcontrol characters to be used?
Eject page?
Expand tabs?
Baud rate

See the section Adding and Amending Printers for more explanation of these fields.
6 Select CR-Accept.  


Application: sp) queue_manager Form: printer_main, printer_detail_D, printer_detail_NT, printer_detail_S, printer_list, printer_list_D, printer_list_NT, printer_main, printer_main_D, printer_main_NT, printer_main_S