Pay Item Definition Enquiry py_item_enquiry (pyitenq)

This option allows you to check the attributes of the pay items and to list pay items by attribute.

To enquire on pay item definitions:

1 Select one of the following enquiry options (for example, Print description) then select CR-Accept:
  • Item code
  • Description
  • Print description
  • Report column header
  • Item type (income, deduction, reference, employer cost)
  • Calculation method
  • Flag
  • General Ledger codes
  • Categories
The print descriptions of pay items are listed.
  To view more information about the pay items for all the options selected, select the right arrow key or use the scroll bar.
2 To enquire on item types, select the option Item Type. Select CR-Accept, then select the required pay item type:
  • Income
  • Deduction
  • Reference
  • Employer cost
All pay items that belong to the selected type are listed.
3 To enquire on calculation methods, select the option Calculation method. Select CR-Accept, then select the required calculation type:
  • Fixed Amount
  • Hours x Rate
  • Overtime Hours x Rate
  • Unit x Rate
  • Percentage of Previous Item
  • Percentage of Previous Item with Breaks
  • Total of List of Items
  • Total of Category
  • Total of Hours Worked
All pay Items that have the selected calculation method are listed.
4 To enquire on flags (pay item options), select the option Flags. Select CR-Accept, then select the required flag:
  • Print on Payslips?
  • Print YTD Value on Payslips?
  • Keep in History?
  • Maintain Value at Year End?
  • Maintain if Item Value is 0?
  • Standard for New Employees?
  • Carry Forward to Next Period?
  • Use in Period Pay Summary?
  • Auto Allocate to Job Costing?
Tick the checkbox to list the items that have been defined as using the relevant option. Alternatively, leave the checkbox blank to list the items that have not been defined as using the relevant option.

Select CR-Accept to display all relevant pay items.
5 To enquire on General Ledger codes, type in the General Ledger account type. Select CR-Accept. The relevant pay items are displayed.
6 To enquire on categories, select the option Categories. Then select the category:
  • Nett Pay
  • Taxable Pay
  • NIable Pay
  • Pensionable Pay
  • Income
  • Deductions
  • Nett before rounding
  • Taxable Benefits
Select CR-Accept to view all the pay items that belong to the selected category.
7 Select ESC-Abandon to exit. You are returned to the menu.

Application: (py) category_selection Form: category_select, function_keys

Application: (py) item_enquiry Form: calc_selection, flag_selection, flag_selection.display_area, flag_value, flag_value.display_area, main, main.display_area, nl_type_selection, type_selection