P46 Print py_xx_p46_print

This option allows you to produce a report that will provide the details necessary to complete the P46 (Car) form.

The report does not actually print directly on to a P46 (Car) form but produces all the information required to complete the form. This report can be produced at regular intervals during the year or once only at year-end.


To produce the report:

1 A number of ranges are displayed:
  • to produce the report for all employees and cars, leave all the fields blank.
  • to produce the report for selected employees and cars only, enter the required ranges. Leave the first field blank to include the lowest value or the second field blank to include the highest value.

Select F6-Alter order to change the order in which employees are listed. You can choose to produce the listing by:

  • Employee no. (Employee number) or
  • Registration no. (Registration number)

Highlight the order required and select CR-Accept.

3 Select CR-Accept to run the report and display the Spool Submission form.

Application: (py) p46_print Form: main, main.main, select_order, select_order.main