Order Acknowledgements




Sales Order Acknowledgements


The option Sales Order Acknowledgements (op_spool_acknowledge) allows you to produce a formal acknowledgement that can be printed and sent to the trading account customer for all or selected sales orders that have not yet been acknowledged. You can produce acknowledgements for sales orders up to and including orders at status 5 (Awaiting despatch).

The Print ack (Print acknowledgements) checkbox in the order header information determines whether or not a sales order is to be acknowledged. Printing the acknowledgement clears the tick from this field to prevent an acknowledgement from being reprinted. Should an order be amended or you require a duplicate order acknowledgement you can retick this checkbox via the option Sales Orders (at_order_entry/op_order_entry). Where an order is split into further back orders this field is ticked by default for each new back order created if the initial value in the corresponding field print_ack_back (suspended on forms op, order_entry, header_details and at, tele_order_entry, amendheader) is also ticked*. A later run of the option Sales Order Acknowledgements will produce acknowledgements for all new orders entered onto the system since the last run and those selected orders that require an acknowledgement to be printed or reprinted. Once an order has progressed to status 6 (Despatch note sent) this field is no longer available.

*Where the initial value in the suspended field print_ack_back is blank, where an order that has already been acknowledged is split into further back orders an acknowledgement is only produced for the back order if you manually tick the Print ack checkbox in the back order header information. If the original order has not been acknowledged the original order and all split back orders will be included in the next run of the option Sales Order Acknowledgements.

Printing of acknowledgements can also be controlled by customer via the field Print acknowledgements on the Telesales Customer record.

The name and address of the issuing company can be printed at the top of each acknowledgement – ensure that the correct company address is defined on the system before producing the acknowledgements.

Selected technical sheets from the Stock table are printed for the product and service lines if a default technical page range has been defined via system key OPTECHPAGE – you can override this option at print time if technical sheets are not required.

Both the long and short product descriptions are printed in the foreign language on the sales order acknowledgement if a foreign language has been specified on the sales order header information and there is a foreign language description defined on the Stock table for the product/service.

You can also set system key OPACKTOTAL to control whether the run total is printed at the end of the acknowledgement print run.

Additional functionality is available for acknowledgements produced for Telesales Sales Orders as follows:

  • Acknowledgements can be printed just for back orders raised from Telesales Sales Orders if system key ATBACKACK is set.
  • An instant acknowledgement can be produced at the end of order entry via the Telesales option Sales Orders (at_order_entry) if the field Print acknowledgements on the Telesales Customer record is set to Y. Note that this does not apply to acknowledgements spooled via the option Sales Order Acknowledgements.

Note that you are advised to raise sales quotes and sales orders within CRM as a sales order raised or converted from a quotation (Telesales) or standard order within Finance & Operations cannot be linked to a CRM opportunity.




Scheduled Sales Order Acknowledgements


The option Acknowledge Scheduled Orders (so_ack) allows you to produce Scheduled sales order acknowledgements. Scheduled sales order acknowledgements can be printed for a range of trading account customers, schedules, territories, industrial classes, regions and schedule dates.

Acknowledgements are only produced for those schedules where the field Acknowledgements on the schedule header is set to Y. System key SOACKUPD defines whether this field is updated when this option is run:

  • Set to YES = the field is changed to N so that no more acknowledgements are printed for that schedule.
  • Set to NO = the field remains set to Y so that acknowledgements will be printed for that schedule every time this option is run until the flag is manually changed to N.

Delivery schedule detail lines are printed on scheduled sales order acknowledgements depending on the statuses specified by system key SOACKSTAT. This system key can be set to a number, or all, of the delivery schedule statuses (S, P, C, O and I) and only delivery schedules with those statuses specified will be printed on the acknowledgements. Once printed, the field Acknowledgements on the individual schedule line can be updated to prevent this line being included in later acknowledgement prints.

The amount of detail required on the acknowledgements can be specified using system keys:

  • SOACKSUBDT defines the amount of product/service detail printed.
  • SOACKSUBSC defines the amount of delivery schedule detail printed.

If your system is set up to use COP Compatibility with SOP/SO, any payment term details are also printed on acknowledgements for Commercial Papers trading account customers.