Sage International Payments

Brought to you by our trusted partner, Transfermate, Sage International Payments is an easy way for Sage customers to make international money transfers quickly and securely.


Save money

Low transfer fees and better rates than the bank.

Transfer money securely

Security measures are in place at every step of the transfer process.

Pay overseas suppliers quickly

Make payments 24/7 and reach foreign accounts in just one day.

Easily transfer money

Wherever you are you can make international payments in just a few clicks.

Register multiple banks and users

You can register as many bank accounts and users as you need.

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Quick specification



  • Up to 2000 users

Company size:

  • 1 - 250+ employees

Support options:

  • Free email, chat and telephone support

Operating System:

  • Web based
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Sage International Payments

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Any businesses who invoice customers....

Convenient and secure global payments

Sage International Payments allows you to transfer money to just about anywhere in the world. The transfer fees are competitive and exchange rates are better than the bank.

  • Book your transfers online, by fax or by telephone
  • Payments reach overseas accounts in just 2-3 working days
  • View live exchange rates
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Did you know?

With better exchange rates and low transfer fees, a typical UK business saves thousands of pounds every year by using Sage International Payments.

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What is the minimum transfer limit for Sage International Payments?

A There isn’t one. You can transfer as much or as little money as often as you like.

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