Sage Instant Accounts

Sage Instant Accounts is easy-to-use accounts software that's perfect for new or small businesses. It has all the features you'd expect from the market-leading accounts software including cash flow, VAT, invoicing, and insightful reports that give you a true reflection of how profitable your business is.

Key Features

Get up and running in a few simple steps

And rest assured knowing there's free support available if you need it

Know how profitable you are

With reports to help you understand your business performance

Ensure your business complies

Comply with HMRC - easily prepare & submit your VAT returns online

Keep track of your cash flow

Easily record and track money coming in and going out of your business

Put customers at the heart of your business

And easily keep track of your opportunities and sales
  • Get up and running in a few simple steps

    It's quick and easy to set up and use Sage Instant Accounts. With instant download, easy installation and free support if you need it, we'll have you up & running in no time.

    • Download instantly: Sage Instant Accounts is available to download when you buy online, so you can get started straight away.
    • Set up & customise to fit your needs: with a simple wizard to guide you through each step, you can setup your software to match your individual needs.
    • Free telephone support for new customers: our friendly experts are here to answer all your questions. As a new customer you'll receive free support for 45 days.
    • More free help & guidance: you'll get free e-learning with your software that's worth £55. There's also a help section packed with useful guides and video tutorials.
    • Get Sage support and alerts with live link: informing you of any legislation, product or service changes helping you run your business efficiently.
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  • Know how profitable you are

    With a range of tools and reports at your fingertips, you'll have a true reflection of how your business is performing.

    • Understand how profitable you are: understanding profitability is key to running a business. Sage Instant Accounts will show you how profitable you are in just a few clicks.
    • Have a selection of reports at your fingertips: you can analyse & get to understand every area of your business, from expenses to customer buying habits.
    • Customise the reports to fit your needs: we've made it easy to get even more business insight, our Report Designer allows you to tailor reports to fit your needs.
    • Easily export you reports: view your reports in various formats - easily export to PDF or into Excel.
    • Make better business decisions: with all the valuable insight Sage Instant Accounts gives you, you'll be equipped to make better, more informed business decisions.
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  • Ensure your business complies

    Sage Instant Accounts helps you stay on the right side of the law with all you need to accurately calculate, verify and submit your VAT returns online to HMRC.

    • All your important VAT information in one place: with a section dedicated to managing your VAT, Sage Instant Accounts makes it easy to calculate, verify and submit your VAT Returns.
    • Submit your VAT returns online: it's now a legal requirement for businesses to submit their VAT returns online - Sage Instant Accounts lets you do this in just a few clicks.
    • Calculate your VAT at the right rates: Sage Instant Accounts helps you distinguish between different goods and service taxes with separate tax codes.
    • Support for your VAT scheme: whichever VAT scheme you're on, whether it's standard, cash accounting or flat rate, Sage Instant Accounts works with it.
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  • Keep track of your cash flow

    With Sage Instant Accounts, it's easy to keep an up-to-date view money coming in & going out of your business - so you'll always know your cash position.

    • Easily record your transactions: you can quickly & easily record all of your sales, purchases and costs.
    • Easily view your credit position: it's easy to see what's outstanding, who owes you money and who you owe money to.
    • Keep up-to-date bank records: you can use e-reconciliation to reconcile in real-time with your bank, manual reconciliation is also quick & simple.
    • Prepare for your financial year end: you'll have all the reports and data at your fingertips, and step-by-step guides will help prepare your business for audits and year end.
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  • Put customers at the heart of your business

    Sage Instant Accounts makes it easy to manage your customers, from creating a professional looking invoice, calculating stock to quickly identifying who owes you money.

    • Calculate stock values: and be confident you have the stock available to fulfil any orders you receive from your customers.
    • Worry free and in control: with an accurate, up-to-date view of your stock that you can sell to customers.
    • Store all your customer information: get an instant view of your customer details and their activity.
    • Easily create invoices and quotes: create professional looking quotes and invoices to send by post or email, and apply flexible discounts to help you win more sales.
    • Understand your profitability: see how profitable your sale will be at the touch of a button when you're creating an invoice.
    • Easily identify who owes you money: it's easy to see which invoices are outstanding and who owes you money with simple debtors reports.
    • Create a professional image: with our Report Designer, you can easily create professional looking quotes & invoices. Simply add your logo & company details or completely change the layout to suit.
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Do I need to be an accountant to use Sage Instant Accounts?

A No, this program is designed for people without any prior knowledge of accounts/bookkeeping.

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Last updated: 17/12/2014