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Sage Instant Accounts is easy-to-use accounts software that's perfect for new or small businesses. It has all the features you'd expect from the market-leading accounts software including cash flow, VAT, invoicing, and insightful reports that give you a true reflection of how profitable your business is.

Case studies

See how Sage Instant Accounts helped a creative web design company manage their finances over the years as their business grew.

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    The problem

    Jonathan Porter set up his web design business ten years ago and for some time was running the business himself. Time was scarce and Jonathan needed reliable software to help him manage and track his finances. So he turned to his accountant who recommended Sage Instant Accounts.

    How Sage Instant Accounts helped

    Jonathan chose Sage Instant Accounts ten years ago his business has used it ever since because it caters to all their business needs. As ne-web grew and expanded, they found it very easy to find staff with Sage experience to look after their accounts.

    ne-web use Sage to manage their day-to-day finances and are easily able to invoice their customers, keep track of their bank accounts, quickly see who owes them money and run profit and loss reports for a quick view of their business performance.

  • “Having solid, reliable business information at your fingertips is vitally important when running any business and Sage Instant delivers that very well.”
    Jonathan Porter Managing Director, ne-web Ltd

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Do I need to be an accountant to use Sage Instant Accounts?

A No, this program is designed for people without any prior knowledge of accounts/bookkeeping.

Sage e-Banking

Sage e-Banking helps you connect to your bank's Internet or PC banking software, removing the need to manually re-enter information into their banking and accounts or payroll software.

Last updated: 17/12/2014