Sage ERP X3: a global ERP solution

Sage ERP X3 is the most powerful and flexible business management solution provided by Sage; a solution designed specifically for businesses in the mid-market space looking to grow a competitive business with limited IT resources. Sage ERP X3 is a fully web based, all in one ERP solution that is functionally advanced, fast to deploy, simple to use and cost effective. 

Key Features

Cost effective and efficient

Quick to scope, implement and roll out across your business

Choose the technology that suits you

Work with your existing IT systems

Multi-country by design

Manage multiple businesses across multiple countries

Flexibility for growth

Have as few as ten or as many as 2000 users on one system

Functionality with simplicity

Help your people to make the most of software that's simple to use

  • Cost effective and efficient

    The first of its kind in the UK, Sage ERP X3 now comes with a fully equipped implementation tool kit to help you roll out your ERP solution in as little as 35 days with significantly reduced costs.

    • Ready to run business processes as standard: Sage ERP X3 comes with hundreds of pre-configured visual processes that make it easy to run tasks on our ERP software.
    • Adapts to your business without costly custom development: speed up system deployment using the pre-set parameters specifically designed for UK businesses, as well as predefined user roles and process flows.
    • A full suite of ERP solutions in one-cost effective package: We have built Sage ERP X3 to dramatically reduce the time of implementation and customisation without sacrificing any functionality.  We understand that reducing costs from day one is the best way to guarantee a fast return on investment. 
    • Quick and easy to implement: Working with our Business Partners, Sage ERP X3 offers a pre-defined implementation framework for a low risk, quick to deploy ERP solution.
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  • Choose the technology that suits you

    Our ERP software helps you improve your business performance

    Sage ERP X3 operates on the leading operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux) and with standard database software packages (Oracle, SQL Server).

    • Give all your users the same look and feel, regardless of platform: our consistent graphical user interface provides users with a consistent look and feel for all your users and make data sharing easier.
    • Match your exact needs with straightforward customisation options: implement changes small easily. Users can customise their view of the data e.g. the sales team can have their own dashboard to see the data they need.
    • Web native not web-enabled: Sage ERP X3 is accessed used the same intuitive interface in both client/server and Web mode. This will help your business expand over multiple sites. You will also develop stronger relationships with premier suppliers, partners or customers giving them customised access to the system. Find out more about Sage ERP X3 for global businesses.
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  • Multi-country by design

    Manage your global operations easily

    Whether you are managing a global business today, or preparing for future global expansion, Sage ERP X3 lets you manage sophisticated multi-site, multi-country installations as easily as a single domestic site.

    • Simplify management by using the same ERP solution, everywhere: get a global view of your business by ensuring multiple companies in multiple countries can share the same data and same systems.
    • Global trade requires global tools: Sage ERP X3 is available in 12 languages allowing almost all users to access the system in their own language.
    • Legal and Market requirements are centralised: to offer a single global solution.
    • Sage ERP X3 shares data and processes between foreign sites or subsidiaries: whilst respecting their specific requirements and business processes.
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  • Flexibility for growth

    Sage ERP X3’s integrated design provides your company with all the functions it needs now and in the future.

    • Use with the built-in functionality or customise to work exactly the way you need it to: get up and running quickly with functionality for the most popular tasks or create your own processes.
    • Get up and running quickly, deploying functions as you need them: implement the main functions you need first to help speed up installation and then add more functionality as you go.
    • Add users and functionality without having to start each new project from scratch: Sage ERP X3 allows you to replicate users and functions using your existing templates.
    • Create the functionality you need with a built-in development toolset: less technical users can make changes easily. Our simple to use system needs only limited training to get up and running and make changes.
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  • Functionality with simplicity

    Sage ERP X3 provides your company with deep and broad first-class functionality, while remaining simple to implement and use.  We have designed the software and the interfaces so that powerful doesn’t mean complicated.

    • Keep things simple for your users: you can customise views so users see only what they need to and nothing that they don’t.
    • Make sure nothing gets overlooked by creating sophisticated workflows: Sage ERP X3 allows you to automate triggers and alerts so users don’t miss important data.
    • Let distributors, customers, and suppliers become an active part of your business: you can share information and processes with external people who need access.
    • Log on over the internet from anywhere and get instant access to everything you need: stay in touch when you're out and about with secure, browser-based access to critical business information.
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