Sage 200

Sage 200 is a flexible, simple and fast software solution that helps you manage your customers, finances and business insight.

Key Features

Customisable business-wide software

Manages your finances, customers, end-to-end supply chain and business insight

One view of your customers

360 degree view of your customers providing full visibility of the customer lifecycle

Fast return on investment

Spot trends or data anomalies and identify opportunities for growth

Get key business insight

Get quick and easy reporting and more detailed analysis

A Service package full of great benefits

Access benefits including a report design service and an online business community
  • Customisable business-wide software

    Desktop solution for all your business processes
    • A full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, including Financials, Customer Relationship Management and Business Intelligence
    • Complete control over all your systems and data
    • Company data is stored and handled internally
    • Initial investment required but pays off over time. You also have the option to pay monthly
    • New user interface for ease of use and navigation
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  • One view of your customers

    Communicate effectively with your customers
    • Find the answers quickly by building a central knowledge bank containing answers to known issues or questions
    • Monitor customer service performance with detailed reports showing call volumes, case resolution times, communications and follow up statistics
    • Optimise your marketing activity by getting the right message to the right people at the right time and plan, execute and measure targeted campaigns
    • Give staff access to account information so they can engage with customers effectively and systematically
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  • Fast return on investment

    Sage 200 Simple, efficient and cost effective processes
    • Speedy Return on Investment (ROI) and fast implementation with minimum disruption to your day-to-day business
    • Save time with automated reports
    • Improve efficiency, allowing you to quickly spot trends or data anomalies and identify opportunities for growth
    • Manage multiple sites and multiple companies and you can access key tools anytime, anywhere
    • Integrates with third-party applications so all your business information is pulled into one solution giving you one view
    • Simple and efficient - improve time management by bringing everything you need together in one, easy to use, intuitive workspace
    • Manage all your foreign currency trading with ease, including exchange rate changes and their impact on business finances
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  • Get key business insight

    Get greater insight for decision making
    • Share and analyse business critical information across your whole organisation
    • Get greater business intelligence with pre-defined views, workspaces and templates
    • Easily view profitability by product, department or project to see what's working and what's not
    • Tailor reports for forecasting, analysis of trends and management of your overall company budget
    • Reporting functionality across multiple authorisation people and levels
    • Present facts and figures in dashboards and take data from Sage 200 and filter and format it within Excel
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  • A Service package full of great benefits

    Sage 200

    Access benefits including a report design service and an online business community

    • Get up to three customised reports per year and access the report library for insight and information on your software
    • Request and vote on product enhancements through the Sage 200 Ideas Hub
    • Anytime, anywhere online access to HR and Health and Safety advice
    • Access to an online business community where you can connect and network with like-minded businesses
    • Online hints and tips for your product as part of our "How-to" webinars
    • Access the latest version of Sage 200 to stay compliant with the latest legislation
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Last updated: 09/04/2015