Sage ERP 1000

Sage ERP 1000 is a single, flexible ERP solution covering finance, distribution, manufacturing, project accounting and services, time recording and billing.


Keeping things simple

Easily gain the sophisticated benefits offered by Sage ERP 1000

Complete efficiency through team work*

Combine front and back office functionality for one view of information

Delivering excellent customer service*

Manage every element of customer acquisition in a single seamless process

Building the solution you want

We can quickly and easily build the solution you need

Driving management decisions

Access and understand business critical information, simply and easily

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Quick specification



  • Up to 500 users

Company size:

  • 50 - 250+ employees

Previous versions:

  • Sage 500

Support options:

  • Locally-based support, either direct from Sage or though your Sage Business Partner

Operating System:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
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Get the most from Sage ERP 1000

We offer a range of services either directly or via our Business Partners to ensure that our customers get the best out of Sage ERP 1000.

  • Building your ideal solution
  • Taking advantage of new functionality and capabilities
  • Extending functionality to meet your unique needs
  • Helping you get the best from your solution
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Did you know?

Sage is the third largest ERP solution provider to businesses around the world.

Over 11,000 businesses in the UK use our ERP software. A further 30,000 businesses in 50 countries use our solutions.

We are used by a range of big businesses including Blenheim Palace, Neals' Yard Remedies, Vimto, Jamie's Italian restaurants and Morrison's Supermarket.

Read more about how Sage helps bigger businesses.

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How do I choose an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system?

A There are many issues to consider when defining what ERP system you may need including: the size of your business, whether you use a Customer Relationship Management system or database, what kind of support you need and cost.

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