Sage 50 Accounts Mobile

Access your Sage 50 Accounts data from wherever you are with the Sage 50 Accounts Mobile app. It’s ideal for people who work on the move and want an up-to-date snapshot of their business in the palm of their hand.  Best of all – it’s free to download and free to use.

  • Sage 50 Accounts Mobile overview

    Sage 50 Accounts mobile gives you on-the-go access to your finances wherever you are. Whether you’re away from your desk, out of the office or in a meeting – you’ll have instant access to your customer, supplier, financial and sales information from your mobile:

    • Information at your fingertips: instant access to your finances means you’ll always have your finger on the pulse of your business, no matter where you are.
    • Save time and win new business: set up new customers, create and instantly email quotes, invoices and sales orders. No more waiting around.
    • Manage your products and sales: always have all your product and stock information at hand. View sales histories, stock levels and sales performance at a glance.
    • Free to use: 50 Accounts Mobile is completely free to download and use. It’s securely encrypted, there’s no data transfer limits & no limit to the number of people who can use it.
    • Ideal for everyone: the Sage 50 Mobile app is so simple that anyone in your business will be able to use it. Whether it’s for an owner, manager or people in your finance team - you’ll always have your important financial info at your fingertips.

    *Although there are no limits to how many people in your business can download and use the app, we recommend a maximum of ten concurrent users, including desktop users.

  • Download & try the app for free

    You can download and try the Sage 50 Mobile app for free. You don’t even need Sage 50 Accounts to try it out - it comes with practice data so you can explore all the great benefits for yourself. Download & give it a try today:

  • Key features of Sage 50 Accounts Mobile

    • Easily sync your live Sage 50 Accounts data to your mobile phone in minutes – instant access from wherever you are.
    • Make quicker sales - raise and email invoices, quotes & orders
    • Practice with demo data before you get started, and download and try for free today
    • Simple dashboard provides an instant snapshot of your business performance, profit & loss, customer & supplier information
    • Search & view customer contact information, sales history, credit status & outstanding balances from your mobile
    • Save time by setting up new customers wherever you are, and raise quotes & invoices on the spot
    • Search & view suppliers, check outstanding purchase orders & see a detailed purchase history in seconds
    • Track real-time product performance, stock levels and sales history instantly
    • View up-to-date company bank accounts & balances so you’ll always know exactly where you stand financially

    Sage 50 Mobile


    Download Sage 50 Mobile today

    Use the links in the right-hand menu to download apps for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android.  It comes complete with practice data so you can give it a try for free today.

  • Using Sage 50 Accounts Mobile (part 1)

    Using Sage 50 Accounts Mobile (part 2)

  • In-depth information about Sage 50 Accounts Mobile

  • General


    See a snapshot overview of finances, customer, supplier & products through one simple dashboard

    Demo data

    Take Sage 50 Mobile for a spin before connecting to your own live data


    Search customers

    Search your customers by name & quickly access all of their information in seconds - including contact details, sales history & credit status

    View customer overviews

    View the status of each customer account & see any outstanding balances

    Email & view PDF’s

    Immediately respond to customers by emailing or viewing PDF invoices, quotes and sales orders

    View previous quotes

    See existing quotes & quickly convert them to full invoices

    View invoices & sales orders

    Quick access to previous business - ideal for review sessions or queries during customer visits

    View disputed items

    Quick access to disputed invoices, payments and sales

    View previous activities

    Overview of sales and order history so you know exactly where you stand

    View customer credit status

    See up to date credit information prior to committing to any decisions

    View aged debtors

    Live feed of outstanding debts, so you know who to chase & when

    Create new customer records

    Set up a new customer account – particularly useful when you're meeting a new contact or client

    Create new sales orders

    Create a new sales order on the spot - no more waiting around

    Generate sales invoices

    Remotely create a new sales invoice – speeds up initiation of payment process*

    Create sales quotations

    Remotely create a new sales quotation – ensures timely recording of quotes especially if during busy periods or customer requires quickly*

    *order, invoice and quotation generation uses the same pricing and discounting functions from desktop to ensure that prices are set accurately and consistently


    Search suppliers

    Search your suppliers by name & quickly access all of their information in seconds - including contact details, transaction history & status

    View supplier overviews

    See who you owe money to at a glance & avoid late payments

    View outstanding purchase orders

    View live POs so you always know what budget you have

    View supplier disputed items

    Quickly see disputed items - particularly useful before or during meetings

    View supplier activity history

    Know exactly where you stand with each of your suppliers

    View supplier credit control

    On hand status information prior to commitment to further trading

    Products and pricing

    Search & view products

    Access to your entire product portfolio without having to call the office

    Search & view price lists

    Check prices from your mobile for accurate information on the spot

    Product stock take

    Know exactly what's in your stock room or warehouse when you're out and about meeting customers and suppliers


    View your bank accounts

    Check up-to-date balances and see when funds are cleared in your account

    View company headlines

    Get an overview of trading to help you stay on top of your cash flow

    View summary Profit & Loss YTD

    Summary P&L information for those that only need a top line overview

    Project activities*

    See a breakdown of transactions for different projects