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Sage HQ on Google Business View

04 September 2014

Our great North East treasure hunt competition is now closed, but you can still join the hunt!

Use the menu and arrows to navigate your way around our building and find our hidden treasures of the North East. There are eight clues in total, one for each "North East treasure", at the bottom of the page.

Hint: you can zoom in and out using the bar on the top left hand side, and you can expand to full screen by using the icon on the top right hand side.Our Google Business View was photographed by Local Google Trusted Photographer,, June 2014

The clues

  1. What local favourite is brewing in our orange fridge?
  2. Blink and you'll miss this famous river crossing. What's it called?
  3. Our smiley-faced athletes in the atrium are taking time out from training... for which race?
  4. It was a springboard to fame for many of the North East's young TV stars.
  5. Find the t-shirt next to the living wall, and tell us what it was called...
  6. A North East-born sporting legend takes pride of place in our gym.  Can you "work out" which knight we're talking about?
  7. To hear our Geordie plant talking, go up in a lift. But which three words? Did you catch its drift?
  8. Step out onto our balcony, and take a careful look around; which scaled-down local landmark is waiting to be found?
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