Software piracy

We are committed to protecting the quality and integrity of our software, not only for ourselves, but for our customers too. Misuse and piracy of our software negatively impacts Sage and our legitimate customers, including our authorised Business Partners and members of our Accountants' Club.
  • Introduction to software piracy

    As producers of software, we either own our own software or are licensed to use software owned by other companies. Software is one of the twentieth century's major success stories and a range of rights have been created to protect software owners like Sage.

    Individuals and businesses are not only at risk of legal claims if they misuse software or are involved in the piracy of software, but legitimate customers will be forced to pay higher prices for software if software owners have to spend more on policing misuse and piracy.

    For these reasons, where we consider it appropriate, we will take action against those misusing, or involved in the piracy of, our software.

  • Contact the Software Licensing department

    We are here to help. We are happy to talk to you in general about our software licences or about your specific account.