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Adding a Menu For All Roles

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With the new System Admin tool in 2009 we have separated the concepts of menu design and restricting access to specific features.
We have allowed a user (with sufficient privileges) to amend a menu for a role, so that all members of that role will see the changes.

Adding a new menu item to all/many roles, however, is not an obvious process; the apparent approach is to add the same menu item to each role separately. This can be very time consuming for customers with lots of roles.

There is an alternative…!
Note that the approach is covered in the system help file in the topic ‘Add a new navigation group or option to all roles’ (or search for ‘Add a new navigation group’) but here we cover it in a little more detail.

Consider the scenario where the user has created a new report that they want to make available to everyone, irrespective of their role.
The overall principle we’re going to follow is to export a modified menu as an add-on package, then reimport it – which will amend the core menu template used by everyone.

1. Create the feature and target in SAA, then add the report to your own menu as usual

2. In the desktop menu designer, right click on the report and select “Export” from the context menu


3. In the wizard, “Next” past the first page then enter a path to the location where you want to create the package. It doesn’t matter where, so long as you can find it again!


4. “Next” to the last page, enter an “Add-on Name” (again, it doesn’t really matter what) and click “Generate”

5. Open the System Administration tool and go to the “Add-Ons” page
6. Right-click on the right-hand side of the screen and select “Add New Add-On”


7. Click “Next”, “Browse” to the package you just created and “Install”

The menu item has now been added to the core menu template; all you need to do now is authorise access to the feature for all roles that need it – this will determine whether the menu option actually appears for any given user.

Written by Steve Mallam

January 17th, 2010 at 2:16 pm

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