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Find out what it's like to work at Sage. If you like what you see here, you can also browse our latest job vacancies and apply to join us. We're always looking for new people to join our team.


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  • At Sage, we recognise the importance and benefits of work based learning

    Our Apprenticeship and Graduate Schemes are an opportunity for you to join us for a fixed period, focussing on gaining relevant skills and 'hands-on' experience to help you reach your full potential in your future career.


  • For the first time in 2012, we offered twelve apprenticeship opportunities across our Manchester and Newcastle offices in four key business areas: Administration, Customer Service, IT and Product Development.

    For 2013, we have committed to offer more opportunities to people who are passionate about developing their skills and experience with us.

    Our apprenticeships cover a range of professional, technical service, administrative and support roles. The scheme is open to anyone over the age of 16  - unlike many schemes, we have no age limit making them ideal for anyone looking for a career change or seeking re-training.

    Our apprentices start in October each year, so look out for our advertising and recruitment information in June.  

    We work with the National Apprenticeship Service to promote our apprenticeship opportunities, and provide training. They are a great source of helpful information if you are thinking about applying for the apprenticeship in future. You can find out more about them at

  • Graduates

    Our Newcastle head office has been working with local universities to support placement year students gain experience linked to their degree course. It is a great opportunity for us to support students, bring the latest teaching methods and knowledge into our business, and help us grow and support our customers.

    Sage graduate schemeOur internship opportunities are within our Products & Services and Information Services departments, and are open to anyone looking for a placement.

    Within our Information Services Department we provide a range of opportunities, including: building and supporting servers in a controlled secure environment using a variety of operating systems and database technologies; working with Networking and Telecoms engineers on hardware installations; basic network troubleshooting; cabling; writing documentation and working with our desktop support team with the support of desktop, tablet and laptop computers, software, configurations and associated peripherals used across the UK and Ireland.

    Our Products & Services team provide opportunities such as: gaining an understanding and experience of professional software development practice and process; the chance to work as part of a team delivering high quality software to meet customer and commercial needs; working with our defined standards, best practice and agreed deadlines; responsibility for resolving technical and customer specific issues, and becoming one of the team being actively involved in projects, sprints or work.

    Our opportunities for internships are advertised in October, through our website and the local universities job boards each year. Successful students start in the following September.