Advice for marketing your business

50 tried and tested business tips

Packed with tips and practical advice, our guide is essential reading for all those people who want to start their own business and discover their business potential.

At Sage, we recognise that every business owner is an expert. We also know that running a small business can be isolating, so we have created this guide to help business owners share their unique perspective on what it takes to be successful.

Written by our customers and business experts, this guide contains first hand advice on everything from starting your business, keeping your finances under control and growing your customer base via e-marketing, through to helping you keep a healthy balance between your work life and home life.

50 tried and tested business tips that will give you the confidence and insights to unlock the potential in your business, including:

  • Connecting with your customers and suppliers
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Using social media the right way
  • Using your time efficiently
  • Getting the best deals from your suppliers
  • Motivating your employees
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