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Don’t rely on Bluebirds!

The current economic situation has many a Sales Manager looking hopefully at the door for that Bluebird deal to come walking in and save them from this quarter’s shortfall. There has never been a more challenging time for greater pipeline visibility. Accurate forecast reporting, transparency in the pipeline and clarity overall, helps to drive the sales cycle efficiently through the sales process. Continue reading…

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Browser War…what is it good for?

Our Sage CRM product uses a browser to access the software (sometimes called a “web client”) and in our latest release Sage CRM 7.1 sp2 the ability was added to support four different browsers for your users to choose from (for end user functionality). This means if they “love” Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer or Safari on their Mac – you don’t have to argue the pros or cons of the browser choice but simply say “OK, we can do that”. Continue reading…

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