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Get ready to implement cloud-based ERP

There comes a time when your legacy ERP system simply isn’t getting the job done anymore. Instead of wasting time using antiquated technology, it’s a better idea to embrace the cloud. Cloud-based ERP software can provide manufacturers with the opportunity to grow their businesses, while improving communication throughout the organisation as a whole. While Gartner [...]

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Sage and the Heartbleed vulnerability

This week a security vulnerability termed ‘Heartbleed’ that exists in a piece of open source software called OpenSSL was identified. OpenSSL is one of the most popular tools used to secure some of the internet’s traffic. It’s an encryption technology designed to protect sensitive data on the internet like user names and passwords, and is [...]

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Flexible working, flexible employees?

Flexible working, healthy employees?

Maintaining up-to-date and effective health and safety processes is an important aspect of any successful business. Running a tight ship so that your employees, your customers and any members of the public are kept safe from harm is good for morale and can save you from expensive fines. But as technology creeps more and more [...]

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