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Reasons to adopt cloud accounting in 2014 [infographic]

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If you want to be able to access your accounts from anywhere and share data better with your clients or accountant then maybe it’s time to think about using online accounting software?

Sage guide to cloud accounting infographic
This infographic was produced by Sage Accountants’ Division UK

Posted in: Accountant, Your accounts
6 comment


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  • Jon Regler

    After moving to Sage One for our payroll I’d really like to move our accounts from Line 50 over to Sage One Accounts Extra but it seems you cannot either migrate all current accounts data or simply restore from back up.

    We also currently import customer and invoice data from another application as a CSV, but it looks like this is also not possible.

    I have no requirements for purchase orders, stock etc., just sales, purchases, VAT etc

    Is this a feature that’s likely to be added? or is there an easy work-around?

    • Sage One UK

      Hi Jon,

      At this moment in time I’m afraid you can’t import transactions directly into Sage One from Sage 50, however you can import customers, suppliers & products.

      When you log in to Sage One and click on Contacts, then Customers or Suppliers, there is a button that says ‘Import Customers’ or ‘Import Suppliers’. In here there’s a
      template you can use to import your contacts.

      Here are detailed steps for contacts:

      Here are detailed steps for products:

      Although you can’t import transactions, the workaround is to enter your
      opening balances via the wizard (see how at
      Transaction import is a feature that is commonly requested and so is something we are looking at how we could introduce in the future.

      To see how this would work, I recommend you sign up for a free 30 day trial of Sage One Accounts Extra by logging in to Sage One Payroll, then going to Settings > Service Settings > Manage Services and clicking on ‘Subscribe’ for Sage One Accounts Extra.

      If you’re still not sure how to do this, our 24hr Customer Support Team will be happy to guide you through so please feel free to give them a call on 0845 111 66 11.

      Paul Lancaster
      Content & Social Media Specialist
      Sage One UK & Ireland

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