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What Twitter advertising means for small businesses

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As more and more social media platforms gain funding and launch their public shares, more focus is being on advertising to generate revenue. After all, those shareholders have to be paid. Twitter advertising has been available for a while now, but up till now it’s only been available to larger organisations that were be willing to spend in the region of several thousands of pounds a month. It’s now available to all comers, in a similar manner to Facebook (and Pay Per Click) advertising. Sage Business Expert Sarah Arrow explains how you can make best use of it.

So how can your small business benefit from advertising on Twitter? Advertising on Twitter comes in two forms:Twitter

  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted Tweets

Promoted accounts will help you build your following on Twitter.  This means people will see your profile in the ‘who to follow’ section and be encouraged to follow you. For a small business you are now empowered to build a following of both influencers and advocates. What’s more you can hyper target who your profile is promoted to. You can target local followers as well as people with specific interests in their profile.

There’s no better way to get in front of your target market and engage with them.

Promoted tweets appear in the streams of potential followers and your target market. Again you can target who you wish to see your tweet. This time you want to reach potential followers and influencers in a specific geographic region and show them that you’re a great local business (80% of customers prefer to do business with a company in a 30 mile radius). You may gain followers, but you are more likely to gain click-throughs on a superb offer.

It’s never been easier to reach your target audience and you can easily grow your following and generate more leads on a small budget.

The next steps:

  • If advertising with promoted Tweets, then make it a captivating offer
  • Do your research thoroughly
  • Set realistic goals
  • If promoting your account make sure your bio is compelling – be someone worth following
  • Make sure your profile is filled with nice images / video and strong tweets so followers get a feel for your business
  • Remember to be human, you are marketing to human beings after all

A few of our other Sage Business Experts also offered their quick advice on why Twitter advertising might be right for your business and what to do if you’re thinking about it

Sue Keogh – Sookio

Twitter advertising offers a great opportunity for small businesses who may already be familiar with targeted online advertising through Facebook ads and Google AdWords. It’ll be interesting to see how the costs and rewards compare to these other two platforms.

If you want to take the plunge, here are some tips on writing your ad to get the best response:

- Twitter is very fast paced – be ready to tweak your ad

- Go for a professional but conversational tone

- Grab people’s attention by asking a question

- Keep your sentences short and check that spelling!

Ian Rhodes – Storyboard

This is big news. Really big news. My hope is that it will further educate the small-business owner regarding the importance of focusing on their audience rather than filling timelines with self-promoting guff. Adding a £ sign column next to the retweet column for internal reporting will certainly re-emphasise the need to give further focus to the message being shared. If that message is strong, it can now be amplified. That’s a powerful tool for any small business owner.

Kate Baucherel – Galia Digital

Twitter is a great tool for SMEs in almost any sector, and business users understand that it has to monetise its service somehow. Now that business Facebook users have become comfortable with spending a few pounds to promote important posts occasionally, doing the same on Twitter will not feel unusual. However, it will be interesting to see how effective the targeting and reach will be for local SMEs on a channel which is far more geographically diverse.

Jonny Ross – Jonny Ross Consultancy

Twitter advertising is absolutely something to look at, its’ currently reasonably cheap and before everyone jumps on the band wagon there are lots of opportunities. I was sat with the head of social at ASDA the other day, he said they ran a campaign on twitter for £250. They normally spend thousands, if not millions on a campaign. The value you can get for a small amount of money is extremely high, right now there are major opportunities for SMEs don’t wait before prices go up and the bidding war starts!

Posted in: Social media
5 comment

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