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Successful start for small businesses submitting RTI with Sage

Posted in: Real Time Information (RTI)
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Despite a shaky start with HMRC’s RTI portal being under maintenance over the weekend, Sage has already helped over 56,000 small businesses submit their first RTI returns yesterday.

At Sage we're RTI readyOn the first working day since the HMRC’s new RTI reporting requirements, over 56,000 small businesses had already successfully filed their RTI submissions through Sage. The successful start to the week follows a weekend of maintenance downtime on HMRC’s system.

Jonathan Cowan from the Sage Payroll Team said: “There was understandable confusion and frustration over the weekend with businesses unable to file due to HMRC site issues. The timing puts HMRC firmly in the spotlight, but it also underlines why moving payroll submissions to RTI is so important, reducing reliance on HMRC’s website being up and running at PAYE.”

As a result of this, many businesses may still be feeling slightly unsettled and unprepared for real time reporting, but there’s no need to panic. The RTI section of our website offers practical information and advice as well as a free comprehensive guide to RTI for those that are still not sure how the process works or aren’t quite ready to submit.

You can also submit your questions on our blog now in advance on another Live Q&A on Wednesday 17 April from 12 – 1pm, where our payroll experts will be on hand to give you practical advice and tips on processing your payroll.

Whatever your RTI worries we’ve got the tools to help you on the road to reporting.

Dan Docherty, SBD

Posted in: Real Time Information (RTI)
3,547 comment


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3,547 thoughts on “Successful start for small businesses submitting RTI with Sage

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