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Time saving tips in Sage accounts software

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Let’s face it, not many people get excited about the idea of doing their books – but it’s a necessary task and it’s really important to get it right.Keyboard shortcuts

When I use software I want it to be intuitive and I want to make sure I’m working in the most efficient way possible – our software is designed with this in mind. There are loads of shortcuts that allow you to cut down on the time you spend entering data – they even help improve accuracy by reducing errors.

So having spent the last few years supporting Sage Accounts, I thought it’d be a good idea to use my knowledge to pull together some of the best time saving features, so you can pick the ones you think will have the biggest impact on your business.

Each title links to an Ask Sage article that covers the features in more detail:

Keyboard shortcuts in Sage

If you’re not already using these – they’re a must. You can speed up any type of data entry using your keyboard. For example F6 copies the line above, or F8 deletes a row. They’re really easy to use, so click the link to find out more about keyboard shortcuts in Sage.

Recurring transactions

If you have regular transactions, you can set these up to repeat at set intervals. Great for direct debits or interest payments. Find out more about recurring transactions

Memorise and recall

For lots of transactions, you can memorise the details and recall them to create the same transaction on a different date. Great if a customer places the same order, but not on a set date. Find out more about memorise and recall

File import

If you’ve got lots of data on a spreadsheet, file import can be used to transfer the information straight into Sage. Great for established companies that are new to Sage. Find out more about file import

Quick print

If you don’t print your invoices and orders with a single click, you could be. The quick print function means you can set your favourite layout as a default. This is great if you use the same layout most of the time. Find out more about quick print

Quick tasks

This article covers lots of smaller features that help save time. It covers things like exporting data from Sage, finding data quickly and cash sales. Find out more about quick tasks

Even if these features only make a small difference, if you’re using them regularly they’ll end up saving you loads of time – and time is money.

Ed Chalk, Tech Author

Posted in: Your accounts
26 comment


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