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Get your business ready for the biggest change to PAYE for 60 years

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You may have heard on the news today that the Federation of Small Businesses have reported that a quarter of firms are unaware of the biggest change to PAYE for 60 years.

What is this change and what do you need to know?

It’s called RTI or Real Time Information and it means that you’ll need to send data about PAYE, NIC and student loans to HMRC every time you pay your employees.

Getting ready for RTI

We’ve been working hard to make sure that not only is our software ready, but our customers are ready for this change too.

If you want to get your business ready for RTI then we’re running a series of seminars, online training and onsite support.

More information:

Getting ready for RTI with Sage

Download our free guide to RTI

 Catherine Sheldon, Social Media Team



Posted in: Employing people, Real Time Information (RTI)
7 comment


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  • Accountant London

    I\’ve been using Mint for about 8 months. Absolutely love it. By far the best app for money tracking I\’ve ever used, and I\’ve used programs on both the old Palm OS and BlackBerry OS. I live in Canada so not all financial institutions are supported but the list is expanding. It\’s free but I would be happy to pay $10 for this app.

  • Accountant London

    I\’ve been using iXpenseIt for the past two years. Great app with very regular updates.

  • Accountant London

    I like Mjnt as well. The only drawback to their mobile app is that you cannot enter new transactions from the app. That is the only drawback that I have seen. Add this feature and I\’d say it goes from a 4.5 to a 5 for me.

  • melhor mesa de sinuca da net

    Mint is good for consolidating bank & investment statements into 1 place & it does allow modification of bank data so that it makes sense & uses real words, even create splits & it remembers what you change as rules so that similar transactions in the future do not require adjusting . It doesn\\\’t handle budgeting all that well, doesn\\\’t offer forecasting, lacks any investment insight, no bill pay, etc. Of the many annoying deficiencies is that the standard transaction categories cannot be deleted or hidden, this can create confusion if you\\\’ve created similar custom categories. Also, Mint\\\’s business model is to sell you financial products. Quite simply, the advice Mint offers is not like that of a personal money manager, it\\\’s generic & designed to sell anything to make Intuit money. Personally, I prefer to pay for the software & for better features & less advertising

  • sinuca 8

    Thank you very much! Quality of podcasts is wonderful as well as content.Respect to authors!

  • Accountant London

    Hello,How can I download the podcast, so I can burn a CD and listen in my car?

  • Accountant London

    I use PocketMoney. At the time I was looking (a couple years ago) it was the only one that allowed me to keep track of all my finances in all my accounts and easily record transfers between them. I don\’t know if it\’s still the best, but I love it!