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Don’t rely on Bluebirds!

Posted in: CRM, Growing your customer base
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CRM can make your business work smarter. As part of our campaign on Smarter CRM, our Sage SalesLogix team have taken over our Sage Blog for one week. Sage SalesLogix is CRM without compromise. Supporting the way you do business providing you with a complete view of all your prospect and customer interactions across marketing, sales, customer service and support.

The current economic situation has many a Sales Manager looking hopefully at the door for that Bluebird deal to come walking in and save them from this quarter’s shortfall. There has never been a more challenging time for greater pipeline visibility. Accurate forecast reporting, transparency in the pipeline and clarity overall, helps to drive the sales cycle efficiently through the sales process.

KPI driven dashboards highlight potential weaknesses in the funnel – Is there enough going in the top to see the required results filter out of the bottom? Are there blockages in the funnel, too many prospects not progressing past the proposal stage for example?

This identifies addressable issues; are your proposals weak? Are you not cost competitive? Is your team’s follow-up poor? Do you need to change your qualification process?

Reacting to blockages as they happen keeps your pipeline real, allows you to plan, identifies opportunities and improves your close ratios.

Saleslogix Analytics provides you with the tools to react, develop and manage your sales team to its maximum effectiveness. It gives your team the tools and data to easily view and control their pipeline. That in turn helps you control the funnel and deliver results when you want them.

MarketingSherpa identified that an amazing 68% of organisations have not identified their funnel. Add that to the fact that Gleanster Research identified that only 25% of leads should proceed to the sales funnel, you can see that the potential for overstating your pipeline is considerable.

Having a view of your sales mix, territory success and cross-sales can help you incentivise your team and advise on opportunities. Saleslogix Analytics provides evidence and reporting to help you increase the level of your average sale value. Why is one territory out performing others? Why is one salesperson having success selling value added products compared to others in your team?Ensphere

Fine-tuning your sales engine increases your profitability and efficiency allowing you to negotiate times of austerity and maximise times of prosperity. Saleslogix can be your on board computer providing the data you need to make your sales journey a smooth and prosperous one. More importantly, keep the long lookout for a Bluebird a distant memory…

Our guest blogger is Marc Wilkinson, Business Development Manager at Ensphere

Posted in: CRM, Growing your customer base
11 comment


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