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How the cookie crumbles – the EU’s new ePrivacy Directive

The law is sometimes called the 'cookie law', although it actually doesn't mention cookies. It is interested in strengthening customer protection around information that is being stored on their computers. Cookies - which are simple text files stored on your hard drive by your web browser - are the most popular way to store information, but not in fact the only way. Continue reading…

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Browser War…what is it good for?

Our Sage CRM product uses a browser to access the software (sometimes called a “web client”) and in our latest release Sage CRM 7.1 sp2 the ability was added to support four different browsers for your users to choose from (for end user functionality). This means if they “love” Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer or Safari on their Mac – you don’t have to argue the pros or cons of the browser choice but simply say “OK, we can do that”. Continue reading…

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Wonga’s wake up call for Britain’s banks: it’s time to lend to small businesses

Last week’s news that lender Wonga (a provider of high cost short term personal loans) has launched a business loans service, promising to make funds of £3,000 to £10,000 available within 15 minutes of an application is a signal to banks and the Government that they are simply not doing enough to support responsible lending to Britain’s small business community. Continue reading…

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Getting real with Real Time Information

If you run your payroll then you need to know that there is a big change heading your way and that change is called RTI. Real time Information or RTI is a new system that's being introduced by HMRC to improve the operation of Pay as You Earn (PAYE). PAYE information will be collected more regularly and more efficiently when employers submit their regular payroll submissions. Continue reading…

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