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QWERTY is not a good password

Almost everything you do online and in the Cloud, will need a password. Passwords are the lock and key that keeps us secure from a shady underworld of identity thieves and internet highway men. We construct complex and difficult to crack passwords to secure our on-line lives. Continue reading…

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Knowing your customers: How to make customers feel special

You’re smart and savvy and you know your business inside out, but do you know your customers inside out? Getting to know your customers not only allows you to capture customer information and build up a more detailed picture of them, but should also help you to retain your customers’ business over the long term. So, what CRM software is right for you? How can you increase customer satisfaction? And what can you do to make customers feel special? We've recently produced a guide to improving customer loyalty and here our some of our ideas for making your customers feel special. Continue reading…

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Is your networking, working?

Now, some people thrive in a ‘networking environment’ – effortlessly floating between colleagues old and new, picking up business cards and drinks like this event is their single purpose in life. Managing to juggle nibbles, a glass of champagne and picking their next victim in one easy swoop. Continue reading…

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Time management and organisation tips

Poor time management means that the average company of any size, in any sector, loses 20 days of work per person, per year. Getting in control of time saves money, increases productivity and directly contributes to a better bottom line. With that in mind, we asked an expert panel: What can you do to make more time in the day? Continue reading…

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Are you an expert?

During a recent briefing our Managing Director asked “Are there any experts here?”, and was duly greeted by a wall of silence. The tumbleweeds rolling past held me back from raising my own hand, not one person was willing to claim that they are an expert. Continue reading…

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