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Business benefits of social media for accountants

It revolutionised our leisure time, now social media is redefining the way we do business too. Or is it? I work in marketing and over the past 3 years social media has become a widely used communication channel; every campaign that I work on now has a ‘social media’ element. I happily admit that I live in a ‘communication’ bubble due to my role, so was left wondering if the rest of the world is switched onto using social media for business…or is it just us? Continue reading…

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A Mother’s love is unconditional

We recently exhibited at the Business Start Up Show at Excel, in London.  It was a great show.  It always is.  We had an unusually large stand this year – one with a drinks and food bar at its centre. This bar has always been a bone of contention with me; yes, it brings customers [...]

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