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Well, it’s that time again where we’re asking for your help. If you are an online retailer – we need your help in gathering information so that we can provide you with a report focused on checkout conversions and the factors that contribute to visitors dropping out of the purchase process. We’ll then compile our report helping you to navigate through what successful businesses do to maximise their conversion rates.

By taking part this year, you could also be in with a chance of winning an Ecommerce health-check worth £1000 or £500 towards your business or one of 10 £50 Amazon vouchers! You will also receive a complimentary copy of the report once it has been published. We’re closing the survey on the 25th April, so why not take part in our E-business Benchmark Report survey now?

In case you missed it last year, our very first E-Business Benchmark Report was a study of views and opinions of over 2000 online businesses currently operating in the UK. This report uncovered what makes an e-commerce business successful – from attracting people to a site through to delivering the goods.

The secret to success

If you didn’t manage to download a copy of last year’s report, you can find a summary of our top tips below:

1. Providing on-site reassurances such as customer testimonials, next day delivery and a money back guarantee will improve checkout success. We found that if your e-business doesn’t offer any value added features, you are twice as likely not to complete the sale. However, be warned, loyalty points appear to not add any value in terms of promoting sales conversions.

2. E-businesses with fewer checkout pages convert more sales. Reducing this number of pages, can improve conversion and won’t cost the earth.

3. Successful e-businesses customise their payment pages. Suddenly being forwarded to a payment interface that has a different look and feel could cause shoppers to be concerned and drop out of the purchase.

4. Providing multiple payment methods, to give people more choice in the way they pay, improves transaction rates.

5. Social media can heavily influence purchasing behaviour by building trusted relationships and subsequently loyal customers.

Amy Monro, Sage Pay @amy_sagepay

Download our first E-Business Benchmark Report

Be part of this year’s report and take part in our survey.

Posted in: E-business
8 comment


We may use the information you provide to get in touch with you about your business needs. If you’d like to find out more about how we use your details please visit our privacy policy here.

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