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50 top tips to help take care of business

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We think that the new features and improvements in Sage Instant Accounts 2011 will give our customers (that’s you) more time to take care of your business. We also thought that you’d have some great tips on how to spend this extra time giving your business a boost and asked for you to send them in so that we could share them with other small businesses.

50 top tips

Well after much deliberation we have collated the top 50 tips and put them into a nice little booklet, handily title 50 Top Tips to Help You Take Care of Your Business, which is now available to download for free from our website – take a look and see how they can help your business

In the booklet you’ll find tips on everything from how to keep your workforce happy, social media and customer services to ordering stock and the importance of cash flow.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who submitted their business tip, and congratulations to our three lucky winners who’ll soon be receiving their Amazon Kindle:

  • Sue Davis, Design Advantage
  • Jermaine Edwards, Speak First Ltd
  • Hilary Hinks, Arrow Project Services

Some of my personal favourite tips to take of business are;

“I try to nurture good dynamics and harmony in our team by ensuring that everyone is aware that they are equally valued, whatever cog they are turning within the big machine. We all fill our individual roles efficiently, support each other when necessary, and together we make it happen.”

Julie Kemp, High Tide Camber Sands Limited

“Embrace Social Media. Businesses need to be aware that sales and conversations about their brand or product are occurring whether they are present online or not. These conversations are happening millions of times per day on social media sites. Businesses that recognise this will be more successful.”

Joseph Leishman, d&e Office Solutions Ltd

“Follow up, Follow up, Follow up! Whether, you have met someone at a business event, spoken to a prospect on the phone, or made a commitment on email. Put a reminder and notes in your diary for a future time. People will remember you over your competition.”

Michael Gottlieb, The Smart Information Consultancy Ltd

We hope you find our 50 Top Tips guide useful. We’d love to hear from you, so let us know what you think.

Jack Ford, Small Business Team

Posted in: Running a business
33 comment


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