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Christmas Party etiquette

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Last Friday saw our Christmas Party here at Sage.  We had it at a local bar in Newcastle.  All the girls were looking very glamorous and all the boys were making the most of the Christmas drinks vouchers (myself included)!

Iain Ramsay in his best Christmas party outfit

Iain Ramsay in his best Christmas party outfit

As always it was a great night, and as with all Christmas Parties I’m sure there were a few embarrassing stories come Monday morning!  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to unearth any gems from ours yet which is a bit disappointing!

Office Christmas Parties are always a rich source of interesting and cringe-worthy stories.  Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, having too much to drink, doing something you might regret and waking up the next day thinking “Oh no…”! 

To help you make it through your Christmas Party unscathed here are a few Golden Rules of the Christmas Party you might want to follow:

Don’t drink too much

Know your limits and don’t mix your drinks!  Where I come from alcohol is affectionately known as ‘Loud Mouth Soup’, and it does exactly what is says on the tin.  Be careful what you drink otherwise you might end up saying and doing things you’ll regret!

Don’t complain about the food

The turkey might be dry and the spuds over-done, but it’s likely that one of your colleagues has either organised or made the food themselves.  So unless you want to be wearing your Christmas Dinner, try and be polite.

Line your stomach

Some people say ‘eating is cheating’, but if you’re going to have a drink make sure you eat well beforehand to avoid an early exit.

Don’t be a buffet hog

We’ve all seen it; first in the queue with their plate piled high.  Please, try and leave some grub for the rest of us!

Some things are better left unsaid

No matter how much you want to tell someone exactly what you think of them (good or bad!), the Christmas Party is not the time or the place.

Beware of cameras

Doing something daft at a Christmas party is bad enough, but getting snapped doing it means there’s no escape.  Funny faces, ridiculous dances, embarrassing clinches – they’ll all be on Facebook by lunchtime the next day so be careful!

Photocopiers are not toys

If your Christmas Party is taking place in your office, photocopying body parts is not big, or clever, or safe.  The last thing you want is an identity parade on Monday morning to find out who the culprit is.

Watch out for rogue mistletoe

Careful where you point that mistletoe, there’s nothing worse than an unwanted advance from a co-worker.

Leave work at work

Try not to talk shop, everyone is there to let their hair down so leave discussions about ‘over-arching strategic engagement frameworks’ and suchlike at the door.

Perfect your dances moves

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a bopper at least try and practice your dance moves beforehand.  ‘Big fish, small fish, cardboard box’ just doesn’t cut it these days, so if you’re struggling try this video guide to emergency moves for men.

Dress to impress

Make sure you know the dress code. Turning up at a black tie dinner dressed as a Christmas Elf is never good.

Get home safely

Pre-book yourself a taxi for the end of the evening, it and of course never drink and drive.

Enjoy yourself

The most important bit is to have fun, celebrate the end of 2009 and look forward to a great 2010!  The video below also gives you a few pointers.

Merry Christmas everyone

Iain Ramsay, The man in charge of the Sage Store

How To Behave At The Office Christmas Party

Posted in: Employing people, Managing people
402 comment


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