Reminder Letter Maintenance

This form allows you to create reminder letter forms for each of the following, ready for customisation of the letter text using the Sage Report Designer. You can also create up to 9 different forms for the header and footer parts of the letters:

  • A specified formset
  • Severity numbers (1-6)
  • Any reminder letter category
  • Any language.

There are two ways of creating reminder letters as follows:


To create reminder letter forms manually:

1 Type in a code (up to 4 alphanumeric characters) in the field Formset to represent this set of letter formats, e.g. SET1.  
  This formset must also be defined in the User table against those users who will be generating the reminder letters. The system does not let you create or amend reminder letters defined under the default formset.  
2 Type in a number from 1 to 6 for this letter format in the field Severity. 1 represents the least severely worded letter and 6 the most severely worded letter.
You must set up letter formats for each severity you use.
3 Type in the reminder letter Category for this set of letters, e.g. 01. This letter format will be printed for all customers having this category defined on their record.  

If you want to write the reminder letter in a language other than English, type in a Language code.

Alternatively, use F2-Browse to select a different language code.

5 Select CR-Confirm.  

Use the arrow keys to select one of the following sections of the reminder letter for formatting, then select CR-Confirm:

Header (Cont)
Detail (Cont)
Footer (Cont).

7 The field Form number is now displayed if you selected the header, footer, header (cont) or footer (cont) part of the letter. You can create up to 9 forms for both the header and footer. Type in a number between 1 and 9.
If this field is left blank, the system assumes that the first form is required.
8 To continue select CR-Confirm.  

A message is displayed reminding you to use the Sage Report Designer, as well as the form name you have just created.

Examples of what the application and form name represents is as follows:

sl, letter_format, -1- -11- this form is for severity 1, header, form number 1

SL, letter_format, -4- -32- this form is for severity 4, footer, form number 2


To continue select ESC-Cancel.

You must now use the Sage Report Designer to modify the forms you have just created.


To create reminder letter forms automatically:


If the system key SLGENFORM is set to YES, you can create reminder letter forms for each formset and severity code automatically.

1 Type in the Formset, Severity code. These are mandatory. A set of 6 forms is created for each severity level. The severity level entered determines how many forms are created. For example, of you entered 6 in the Severity code, 36 forms are created. Existing forms are not overwritten. A message is displayed on the System Log, indicating any forms that already exist.  
2 Type in any Category and Language code required.  

Select F8-Create to create the forms.

If you have not entered a Formset or Severity, messages are displayed reminding you to do so before continuing.


If the formset has not previously been created, a message is then displayed requesting you to confirm creation of the formset.

Select CR to confirm or ESC to exit back to the main screen.

The forms created are written to the System Log for reference. Examples of the type of forms created are shown above in Step 9.


Repeat Step 1 above to generate forms for another Formset or Severity as required, otherwise select ESC to exit.

You must now use the Sage Report Designer to modify the forms you have just created.

  • For manually created letters, default letter formats are provided for customisation. Before you can use Reminder Letter Maintenance. The following default forms must be copied to your user formset:
    • sl, letter_format, default_header
    • sl, letter_format, default_detail
    • sl, letter_format, default_footer

Application: (SL) letter_maintenance Form: main, main.form_number, main.section

System Keys: SLGENFORM