Despatch Note Print

This form allows you to print despatch notes for all, or selected sales orders at the status Awaiting despatch.  

To print despatch notes:


Leave the field Selected orders ticked to produce despatch notes for either all sales orders currently awaiting despatch, or for sales orders falling within the ranges defined in Step 3.

Alternatively, clear the checkbox to produce despatch notes for up to 20 specified sales orders.

  The System Log keeps a record of these sales order numbers.  

Leave the checkbox Include services in summary note ticked to include services in the summary despatch notes.

Alternatively, clear the checkbox to exclude services from the summary despatch notes.


A number of ranges are displayed:

  • To include all sales orders, leave all fields blank.
  • To include only selected sales orders, enter the required ranges. Leave the first field blank to include the lowest value on file; leave the second field blank to include the highest value on file.
  Leave these ranges blank if you ticked the checkbox Selected orders.  
4 Select CR-Accept to produce the despatch notes.  
5 You are prompted to type in the order numbers you require if you are producing despatch notes for selected orders, i.e. the field Selected orders is ticked.  
  The progress of the run is monitored and a completion message is displayed, followed by the Spool Submission form.  


  • You must use the option Picking Lists, or the instant despatch notes functionality in the option Sales Orders to print the despatch notes, if you require any of the following information to be printed on the despatch notes:
    • Batch information.
    • Technical sheet information.
    • Foreign language descriptions.
    • Date and time of printing.
    • Product and consignment labels.
  • A summary despatch note is also produced, showing the total quantity required for the product and the bin location.
  • You can print, or reprint individual despatch notes using this form, if you print despatch notes after finalising a sales order.
  • The name and address of the issuing company is printed at the top of each despatch note. Ensure that the correct company address is defined before producing the despatch notes.
  • This option is not available as standard from the menu as it has been superseded by the combined picking list and despatch note functionality. You can, however, add this option via the option Menus if required. Alternatively, you can run this program from the command-line for a single order using the following command:

    ccmenu -n opdesp ordernumber CRON where ordernumber is the number of the order you wish to print or reprint.

    Note that a reprinted despatch note is flagged with the text **REPRINT** if you use this command.

  • Both the long and short product descriptions are printed in the foreign language on the despatch note if a foreign language has been specified on the order header, and there is a foreign language description for the product or service.
  • Free of charge product lines added to a sales order where you use Extended Discounts and an applicable charge scheme criteria has been met, are printed on the despatch note immediately after the lines from which they were generated.
  • The address is printed in line with US Postal regulations, if your system is set up to use US Sales Tax.
  • The order line number can be printed if required the field line_no is available as a suspended field on the print form op, op_pick_list, despatch_note_detail.

Application: (op) spool_despatches Form: main

System Keys: COMPADDR